Brand founder

Lin Cheng

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen high culture and creativity Co., Ltd. is a cultural and creative company integrating design, R & D, production and sales of art and products。MUGYS is the original brand that belongs to Shenzhen Godo Cultural Originality Co., Ltd. 

Brand founder to love wood’s art Mr. Lin Cheng Owing,the designer combines passion design with spirit of the craftsman to have crossover development and creates elegant, stylish, retro, contemporary speaker./Its design concept is that wood tells you story.Give your family and you a art, a taste, a perfect sound, a memory, a feelings, a elegance, a gift.——listen, the  wood is telling story. 

MUYGS Research for more than three years, design for more than 1000 days and nights.Select superior wood, polished by hand totally, go through 32 processing procedures. Polished by hand totally for 3000 times, golden ratio radian.Restore the primitive sound of nature.

Listen —The wood is telling story

Mr. Cheng Lin has no team

"No story" is highly wen gen company original brand in shenzhen, shenzhen designers of Mr Cheng Lin as the leading factor, and a group of graduated from a love of art and design art designer team, because Mr Cheng Lin is to return to work after the flashy, after years of industry out of affection for the wood art, the fusion of contemporary art and design, feelings design spirit level and craftsmen, cross-border development, "let each wood has its story" design concept, create a dignified life products, to reflect the artistic vitality of wood.